Close Reading and Common Core Curriculum for Mathematics 

 Have you incorporated common core lessons into your curriculum?  Would you like to include close reading assignments into your all your classes? The Common Core Shop has created close reading and common core academic vocabulary curriculum that will help prepare your students for the smarter balance exams and will teach your students how to read with understanding. Currently, The Common Core Shop has completed close reading and common core academic vocabulary for Raymond Flood and Robin Wilson's The Great Mathematicians and Anne Rooney's The Story of Mathematics.  


The Great Mathematicians 

Mathematics pervades our daily lives.  It is intimately involved whenever one starts a car, switches on the television, flies on a plane, forecasts the weather, books a holiday on the internet, programs a computer, navigates heavy traffic, analyses statistical data, or seeks a cure for a disease.  Our credit cards and the nation's defense secrets are kept secure by encryption methods baed on prime numbers.

This book presents mathematics with a human face, celebrating the achievements of the great mathematicians in their historical context.  Here you will meet time-measures (the Mayans, Huygens), Astronomers (Ptolemy, Halley), Logicians (Aristotle, Russell), calculators (Napier, Babbage), geometers (Archimedes, Bolyai), and arithmeticians (Pythagoras, al-Khwarizmi), as well as such well-know figures as Geoffrey Chaucer, ChristopherWren, Napoleon, Florence Nightingale, and many more.  

In this book, you'll learn why Florence Nightingale introduced pie charts, how Lewis Carroll regarded Pythagoras's theorem, and why some infinities are larger than others. In addition to such well-known figures as Archimedes and Isaac Newton, you'll also meet the mathematician who knew eight languages by the time he was 11, the one who was sent to jail for gambling, the ones who wrote a book on why 1 + 1 = 2, the one who spent his entire life traveling the world, and the one who published a lot but never existed.

The Common Core Shop has created close reading lessons that meet common core standards.  These lessons include:

  • 100 close reading lessons 
  • 80 common core academic vocabulary assignments
  • 200 + pages from the reading resource: The Great Mathematicians

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